is a proud member of the
National Honor Flight Network National Honor Flight Network
since 2008.

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About Us

Honor Flight Northern Colorado was founded in early 2008 as a member of the National Honor Flight Network. As an all volunteer venture, HFNC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with no salaries paid to board members or volunteers. All monies come through private donations and are used exclusively for our flights, events and various business expenses. Financial oversight is provided by The Community Foundation Serving Greeley and Weld County.

Honor Flight Northern Colorado was founded by retired U S Army Col. Stan Cass. Stan immediately went to work to assemble a Board Of Officers who shared his vision and who would work tirelessly to accomplish the task. Each board member has responsibilities for specific needs for our operations. Though there have been a few changes in the board over our nine year existance, most of the original board remains in tact. With the exception of two, all board members themselves served in the armed forces.

Board of Officers

President Vice President Treasurer Secretary
Lee Seward (USAR)
Bill Woods (USA ret) / Keith Thim (USN)
Matt Voris (US Army)
Brad Hoopes
Ground Opps Air Opps Medical Corporate Liaison
Bill Brewster (USA Ret)
Ray Delgado (USMCL)
Jim Kepler (USMCL)
Ralph McClure (USMCL)
Dave Stewart (USMC)
Cecily Cass (DoD "Civ")
Bruce Cammeron (USA Ret)
Al Dorsey (USAF Ret)
Jed Swank
Matt Voris (US Army)
Honorary Corporate Member Washington D.C. Liaison
Martin Lind
Ron Leonard (USA Ret)

Non Voting Advisors to the Board

Legal Webmaster
Don Hoff (USAR)
Ryan Koenig

Medical Team

HFNC knew from the start that medical personnel would be vital to our operations. Therefore, one of the board members is a highly experienced EMT with connections throughout the Northern Colorado medical community. A medical evaluation team is assembled for each planned flight to talk with and evaluate veterans medical needs for the trip. The trips themselves have a team of approximately 15 medical personnel among the guardians. Over time a pool of medical personnel has been created to draw from. Therefore many of them have been on multiple flights and are very familiar with the protocol.


Each trip consists of approximately 63 guardians who are asigned charge over 1 to 3 veterans, depending on their personal needs as determined by our medical evaluations. Being a guardian is a very rewarding experience and thus many of our guardians have chosen to go on multiple trips. Guardians tend to develop relationships with their veterans and are expected to stay in touch with them, informing them of upcoming events, etc.


HFNC relies heavily on it's volunteers. They help with tasks from administrative, to organization, to luggage handling, to escorts, and much more. Our volunteers are among the most dedicated people to our cause and we could not be the success that we are without them.

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