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Honor Flight Northern Colorado could not operate without it's valuable supporters! From Corporate Gifts-In-kind to Private Fundraisers to Event Sponsors to those who have donated from a few dollars to thousands, HFNC operates because of those who share financially in our vision.

HFNC recognizes the following for outstanding and on-going support.

The Martin Lind Family

The Martin Lind Family was our first major donor, helping us to kick off what has now become a very successful program. It was the first of our donors to reach $100,000.00 in donations.
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Charley Barnes

Four years in a row Charley Barnes has raised funds by attempting to ride his Harley 10,000 miles in 10 days. He has brought attention to not only HFNC but to Honor Flight hubs all accross the nation. His efforts have raised over $150,000.00
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The Estes Park Honor Flight Comittee

Estes Park is the home of many of the veterans that have gone on our flights. The community has responded by raising more than $100,000.00 for our program.
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The Embassy Suites

From the time construction finished on the Embassy Suites Hotel And Convention Center in Loveland, they have provided HFNC a perfect venue for our send-offs. They provide a large ballroom with a continental breakfast for all. Their provision also includes stages, sound, and video services while their grounds provide ample room for buses, escorts and visitors.
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Signature Air Flight Support Services

Signature is a remotely located terminal at Denver International Airport that serves charters and private business including our local professional sports teams. Their support to HFNC has allowed us to bypass busy airport traffic and provide the ability to have a short ceremony before boarding the aircraft.
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JBS has supported HFNC by providing meats for many of our events including our Reunion BBQs which take place after each flight. Several of their employees been on flights as guardians.
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Colorado Premium Beef

Colorado Premium Beef has supported HFNC with fundraisers and by providing meats for events
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Greeley/Evans Moose Lodge #109

The lodge has provided a perfect venue for our Reunion BBQs after each flight. The facilities allow for plenty of room for serving and festivities.
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Banner Health

A major provider of medical personnel on many of our flights, Banner Health donates flinancially for them to go as guardians.
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UC Helath

UC health donates financially to send medical personnel on many of our flights as guardians. They have also provided food and preparation services for many of our Reunion Breakfasts.
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K99 Morning Guys

K99 Radio The Good Morning Guys, Brian and Todd & Susan Moore, have raised both awareness and thousands of dollars for HFNC through their broadcasts and their fundraising efforts.
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